Preparing for the worst of real life situations…

Bespoke Survival Courses & Mini Adventures


From a very early age he had a passion for the outdoors, spending the holidays sleeping more outside than in. This passion developed into a talent for Survival.  Constantly challenging himself to Survive in ever more extreme conditions whilst living off the land.  Leading to putting himself in and getting through situtations which few could survive.

The lessons learnt and his natural talents in this field were further developed and put to good use in the Special Forces.

A firm believer that every man and woman should at least equip themselves with knowledge of the basics to get through what life can sometimes throw at them and their loved ones.

"Survival is surviving whatever life can throw at you, but preparing yourself beforehand for the situations you are most likley to encounter. So it should be relevant to your own requirements, for some this may be surviving being stuck in a Borneo Jungle, but for the average person it is more likely to be surviving walking down the street and being attacked, to surviving crashing their car off the road and finding themselves upside down floating in a river.

I believe in and teach practical, un-complicated, real life situational training relative to what you do, which will get you through the worst and importantly you will more instinctively remember when it hits the fan"